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A Xiphos is a lightweight, highly effective, close range weapon favored by Greek warriors to gain tactical advantage in the crush of battle. Warriors who fought with the Xiphos did so shoulder-to-shoulder to provide the perfect combination of offensive and defensive capability, as was demonstrated by the famed 300 Spartans during the Battle of Thermopylae.

Like the weapon it is named for, Xiphos Partners is a specialized consultancy fashioned with the same principles of discipline - dependable, straight-forward, highly effective, and competitive in today’s complex and multi-dimensional markets. We will become your 'right hand' to both shape and execute strategies to achieve the most significant goals for your business.

Xiphos Partners accepts engagements only in select business areas and specialties where our experience, expertise, and networks can provide the competitive advantage to our principal clients.

Xiphos Partners does not recruit. Our team is comprised exclusively of experienced entrepreneurs and diverse industry veterans with paramount traits of trust, credibility, and work ethic, across a multitude of disciplines.

Whether a small business or large corporation, Xiphos brings the methods, technology, and expertise to rapidly optimize and scale your business.

Engagement Types

Defense/DoD Capture & Program Management

With experience across domestic and international defense Programs, Xiphos helps small businesses navigate the complex nature of FAR/DFAR regulations to achieve sustaining business growth in the DOD space. With our large business clients, we generate efficiency in capture and program management and assist in building some of the most advanced programs in the defense market.

Analytics for Supply Chain & Logistics Optimization

The Xiphos team has industry leading experts in advance data analytics to provide our clients with predictive forecasting capabilities to fully optimize any industry supply chain ecosystem. Xiphos helps our clients pivot to a proactive business model, generating intrinsic values of cost avoidance, reliability, and speed to market.

Business Process Operational Efficiency & Growth

Xiphos has experience in some of the world’s most advanced operational and technology businesses and brings those practices, principles, and work ethic to our clients. Whether a large operation seeking new dexterity through restructuring or a small business in need of high velocity scaling, Xiphos solutions achieve business process and cultural improvements to lead to greater financial performance and sustaining growth.


JTAC Virtual Trainer (JVT)

Man-portable Interim Accredited JTAC and Call for Fire Virtual Reality Trainer. Whether in a dedicated training facility, forward operating base, or even on the field, JVT is ready to deploy. It's scalable design allows for integration into various training environements, adapting to the needs of different units and mission requirements. Trainees can choose to train on a laptop or fully immersed in VR. JVT also enables the use of physical 3D Printed equipment in VR. Click here to learn more.

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